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Welcome to the 2020 ODU Turf Challenge

Referee Center for ODU Turf Challenge

Please read this page fully before applying to officiate at the 2020 ODU Turf Challenge. Thank you.

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ODU Turf Challenge is able to attract the region’s best referees by offering:
1. Experienced and Professional assignor
2. Extremely Competitive Pay
3. Great Competition
4. An event that challenges your skills

Referee Pay:
If three referees are assigned, Centers shall be paid $30 and ARs shall be paid $20. If two referees are assigned, each shall be paid $30. All referees shall be paid through REFPAY.

Referee Assignor Contact Information:
Jeffrey Warren

How do I register: All steps must be completed:

1. Complete the below online application

2. If you do not have a REF PAY account you must first register for an account by going to:

https://www.refpay.com/system/register1.php (write down your REFPAY user name and Account Number)

3. You must complete this form to referee this event:

https://goo.gl/forms/1iW0RalbXd7tUp9h1 (you will need your REFPAY user name and account number)

ODU Turf Challenge will be utilizing REF PAY to pay for all games: Referees who follow the instructions will receive their money within 48 hours of the close of the event. Please complete the attached form prior to the event to secure payment in a timely matter. Failure to do so may result in you not receiving payment.


ODU Turf Challenge

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